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  • Centre for Research, Consultancy and Technology

    Collection of reliable and valid data for sponsored survey research projects
  • Centre for Research, Consultancy and Technology

    Collection of reliable and valid data for sponsored survey research projects

Core Values
& Assignments


We are a pioneer in social research in Bangladesh


Our work results in positive impacts in society


We generate accurate data and meaningful analyses


We efficiently collaborate with others

Message from Founder

It is truly remarkable how effectively change can happen through innovative studies and research impact. As Mitra and Associates marks 40 years of research , it has gradually grown to be one of the most sustainable and dependable organizations in the country for quantitative and qualitative research, evaluation studies, and surveys.
We believe that strong partnerships are crucial to our success, and we will continue to foster valuable relationships with our national, and international clients including The Government of Bangladesh, USAID, WORLD BANK, ICDDRB, UNDP, UNICEF, CARE BANGLADESH, University of North Carolina, ICF-Macro, Oxford Policy Management (OPM), IPA, and so on.
I welcome you to join us on the journey ahead.

S. N. Mitra

Message from Executive Director

One of the most significant accomplishments achieved by Mitra and Associates in the last 40 years will be its clients' profound Trust in the organization. We have tried to ensure academic integrity in our delivered services from the beginning while strictly maintaining the time frame.
Over the years, we have built sustainable connections on the work front with governmental bodies, national and international NGOs, research firms, national and foreign universities, and other offices that can testify to our work ethic and commitment. The organization's vision is engrained in the employees' hearts, who support each other immensely.
We take pride in our performances, which create high-quality results. We are honest, ethical, and transparent in our work, and we don't hesitate to make difficult choices to ensure accountability. An organization that began its journey 40 years ago still stands strong today with results, and a good image on its side has been possible because we love what we do and believe in it.
We will continue this journey with our mission and vision in the coming year. I am very optimistic about Mitra and Associates' future and welcome you to join us on this journey.

Shahidul Islam
Executive Director

years of TRUST
and excellence







Working Strategy

  • Access
  • Participatory Method
  • Flexibility


We ensure a win-win situation for everyone who is in collaboration with us in any project. A transparent method is followed throughout every step of the operation. By giving access to every party involved, we can ensure the desired result is achieved for all.

Participatory Method

We employ a participatory method which enables our clients to play an active and influential role in decisions. This results in sharing an equal participation in overseeing data collection, data processing, and analysis by a combined team.


We adhere to our program strategy, but always remain flexible to suit the conditions and needs of our field operation.

Client Testimonials


Our Skills

  • Designing survey methodology
    Design survey research projects with sound methodologies including an appropriate sample plan, develop efficient data collection instruments, carry out pre-testing of instruments, finalize implementation plans and implement field operations ensuring collection of reliable data
  • Preparation of survey research proposal
    Prepare research proposal of projects identifying research
  • Survey instruments development
    Develop survey instrument in consistent with the project
  • Translation, Pretesting and finalization of questionnaire
    Translate, pretest and finalize questionnaire by efficient team
  • Recruitment & In-house training
    Recruit qualified staff for the field survey and provide them in-house training
  • Quantitative study
    Conduct quantitative survey research including baseline, follow-up (monitoring and evaluation); longitudinal, surveillance and operational studies
  • Qualitative study
    Conduct qualitative studies including CAPI, Focus Group Discussions (FGDs, Participatory Rapid Appraisals (PRAs), case studies, in-depth studies and Key Informant Interviews (KIIs).
  • Supervision and quality control
    Ensure the quality and accuracy of data being collected
  • Data editing, cleaning and processing
    Carry out data editing, cleaning and processing, and manage databases, aided by adequate computer skills
  • Social Mapping (SM) and household listing/census
    Identify households based on socio-economic conditions and list them
  • Migrant tracking surveys
    Conduct migrant tracking surveys at the national level (with face to face interviews/ over phone interviews) and international level (over phone interviews)
  • Consumer intercept study
    Conduct market research in Consumer intercept study gathering on-site feedback from an audience.
  • GPS coordinates collection
    Collect GPS coordinates and prepare GIS maps.
  • Collection of Biomarker Sample
    Collect biomarker samples (of blood/ urine), process the samples, and then ship them to the designated overseas laboratory maintaining cold chain. Also, collect nail and hair samples, process these samples and then sent them abroad to the designated research center
  • Collection of Anthropometric Data
    Carryout anthropometric measurement including height, weight, and MUAC
  • Data Analysis and Report Writing
    Analyze and interpret data, prepare reports, and make the recommendation

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Our Expertise

Satindra Nath Mitra


Shahidul Islam

Executive Director

Mira Mitra


Tanjum Ara Polly

Communication Advisor
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